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Site Promotion – Microblogging Basics For Attracting Quality Traffic to Your Page

Microblogging is the latest trend to sweep the world wide web, popularized by sites like Twitter. A microblog combines the world of blogging with the power of social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Generally, a microblog is a short entry (on Twitter, Tweets are limited to 140 words or less) that is displayed for “friends” or “followers” in the online community. These short messages easy to digest by readers and are convenient to read in today’s increasingly mobile world. Many microblog posts include a short description and a link to additional content posted elsewhere on the world wide web, making microblogging a popular marketing strategy for Internet entrepreneurs.

The following questions will help you determine whether microblogging is an appropriate marketing strategy for your business or website.

o Do you have a purpose for posting these mini-messages? Microblogging is especially effective for those companies that have a need to share information and news with their customers and prospects constantly.

o Does your target audience frequent microblogging sites? If your customers aren’t using these types of sites to find information about products and services, there may be little point in getting involved. To determine whether your target audience is interested in microblogs, search sites like Twitter and Facebook to see what kinds of communities have already been established. If none exist, this means one of two things: you have a clear opportunity to be a leader in your niche, or your customers are not currently using these technologies.

o Will you have time to keep up with your profile? There’s little point in starting a microblogging campaign if you won’t have time to maintain it. Determine how much time you have to dedicate to microblogging – how many posts will you have time to enter a day? Can you keep up with this frequency in the long-term?

Home Based Business – How to Set Up and Run One Until You Can Retire From a Paid Job

You may be thinking of starting your own home based business because you may be fed up with your daily fixed routine, demanding boss or commuting long distance. Should you be leaving your full time job to take a plunge into the home enterprise? Where is the guarantee that your business will be a success from day one?It may seem simple to start an entrepreneurial venture but you may have to wait for a long time before you even break even.You can start a business venture which can even be managed by someone in your family. Don’t think of leaving your paid job until you are sure that your venture has reached a stage where it is absolutely necessary for you to take up the reins. You could also try working part time on it until you get the confidence that you can take it up as a full time business.Hold on:Given the economic conditions right now you must hold onto what is secure now. Meanwhile you can work part time on your home based business and build the connections which are necessary for the growth.Keep control over your expectations of your business since it will not be giving you big benefits and profits, especially when you are unable to devote complete time to it. At the same time you can reduce your expenditure and save the money for sustaining your expenses when you finally get rid of your job.Engaging the family:You could engage someone from your family to do specific tasks like answering the customer emails and so on. However, you will need to document their job roles and make them understand what is specifically needed of them.You’ll also need to explain your complete business plan to them so that they work according to your vision. An ideal plan should incorporate all the aspects of your home based business. You will also need to monitor the performance your home business team on regular basis and give them the feedback to improve their performance.Creating income:You should work to create an income with your enterprise so that you can leave your paid job as early as possible. You don’t have to be impatient. Your home venture may take some time before it actually shows some results. If you leave your job before your home based business has established, you may find it difficult to sustain your family expenses.Striking the right balance:If one of the partners is engaged in the home business venture and the other one in a regular job, there is a chance of misunderstandings developing between the two. One of the involved person might even decide to quit on the business without even bothering to serve a notice period. A lot of personal issues might even start cropping up in the business.Therefore, it is very important for you to maintain a professional relationship with your family team members especially when you are working on your business. Personal differences can be set aside to be discussed in the non working hours. You’ll need to maintain a balance very delicately since both the aspects of your life are equally important.You should discuss the performance of your home based business from time to time. Assign the roles only after taking stock of everybody’s pluses and minuses.Taking the centre stage:If you think that the appropriate time has come for you to take the reins of your business, you can leave your existing job. You should quit your job only after you feel the confidence of making more money in your business than with your existing job.Your determination and readiness to face some hardships with patience will make it easier for you to plan your quitting the regular job. If your family is ready to share the load, it will increase the chances of success of your home based business.